Add-On Health Packages

Get ongoing support to take your health to the next level.  

**The following packages are for individuals who have already started their journey with one of our basic packages such as Nutrigenomics or Gut Health 101.  

Stop guessing and demystify your health!  
It is much easier than you may think!

What is included in our 6 or 12-month programs

  • Unlimited Consults with Salena
  • Comprehensive Functional Health Assessment & Collaboration with your PCP
  • Custom supplement, detox, dietary, exercise, sleep and stress reduction strategies
  • Unlimited messaging in secure client portal
  • Comprehensive 40+ page report that contains detailed information about the expression of your genes
  • Access to high-quality supplements and other health products at deeply discounted prices
  • Buteyko Breathing consult with certified breathin​​​​g consultant

Quick overview of part of our process in delving into your health by looking at how your genes, symptoms, and labs fit together in the big picture

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