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Got Cravings? What to eat instead...

Anyone who has made changes to their diet has probably experienced cravings! I came across a similar chart a few years ago and it has been a huge help when I go through times of craving foods I know are not a healthy choice!!!  Here is my rendition and hope it is...

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Ch-ch-chili, celeriac style

Cold weather necessitates making some hearty, warming chili!!! We have been loving the celeraic so much I thought I would attempt a different twist - well according to the kiddos it turned out to be SENSATIONAL!!! (I have to agree with them :)...

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Celeriac Surprise Soup

We really enjoyed the Celeriac Creamy (or Not) soup that I made last week and decided to try our hand at another celeriac combination! So, I looked in our refrigerator to see what I could throw together and thus I present:  

Fantastic Fall Kale & Veggie Soup

  • Servings: 4-6
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