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the study of the process by which genetic information is translated into the substance and behavior of an organism: specifically, the study of the way in which the expression of heritable traits ismodified by environmental influences or other mechanisms without a change to the DNA sequence.

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Most practices review your history and symptoms then plug you into a protocol that fits a diagnosis.  That one-size-fits all approach fails to take into account your uniqueness  and individuality.  This introductory package will help you identify the unique challenges you are facing and 120 minutes of consulting time to help you put those pieces into context and to develop a strategy plan to move forward. 


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Custom Functional Health Introductory Package


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The most advanced and private Genetic Test Kit with over 15000 genes, compiling of the raw data into easy to read reports.
GI MAP: Comprehensive Stool Analysis with True DNA/PCR assay, Quantitative PCR pathogen testing, High sensitivity and specificity, Antibiotic Resistance Genes, and Virulence Factors from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory (Link to sample report)
Organic Acids Test: includes markers for vitamin and mineral levels, oxidative stress, neurotransmitter levels, and is the only OAT to include markers for oxalates from Great Plains Laboratory (Link to sample report)
Comprehensive 40+ page report that contains detailed information about the expression of your genes (Link to sample report)
120 minutes of Functional Genomic Consult time
60 additional days of unlimited messaging through private client portal with Salena (60 days starts after first set of test results come back)
Access to high-quality supplements and other health products at deeply discounted prices
$600 upgrade credit towards any of our extended health and wellness packages (6 or 12 month  packages)

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