Eating More to Weigh Less

Take control of your weight by harnessing the power of your metabolism.  Put an end to the diet yo-yo and gain an understanding of how your body is using the nutrients you eat to reach your weight-loss goals once and for all! 

Educational Resources

Learning new things and especially learning something deeper is fascinating to me. We have a great advantage today with access to a vast collection of knowledge.  

Tapping into it can sometimes be overwhelming.

Where do we turn to first?   Below you will find some of my favorite avenues for digging deeper... 

For years I have struggled with being able to keep my weight in a healthy range.  I have tried a ridiculous amount of 'diets'.  Some have helped get the weight off, others not so much, however long-term I am unable to sustain lesser weight.  It has taken delving into a functional and holistic approach for me to understand why it is my body has challenges with maintaining a healthy weight.  One of the things I found was that I do significantly better when I eat a higher quantity of foods rather than a restricted caloric intake.  When I was talking with a fellow functional health professional, Julie Olson, CN, BCHN, B.Sc., Dip.C.N., it was a breath of fresh air to hear her confirm and validate the common misconception that we have to starve ourselves to lose weight!  This has led to us partnering together to bring her Eat More, Weigh Less program to The Functional Perspective.

Most of life a few pounds overweight which keeps increasing as the years go by?

Hair stopped growing and keeps getting thinner and thinner while waist gets wider and wider!

Challenges with quality sleep?

Irritability and low energy that gets compounded when you see your friends having a great time with their family and friends?

The Problem

  • Unidentified Nutrient Deficienies
  • Unidentified Pathogen Burden
  • Unidentified Food Sensitivities
  • Unidentified Toxic Load
  • Unidentified Genetic Predispositions

The Solution

  • Learn what your underlying burdens & stressors are
  • Create a plan that nourishes and fuels your cells at every level
  • Connect with a network of others who are on a similar journey, it takes a village and community to heal

Lab Information Resources

Comprehensive Stool Analysis – GI Map/Diagnostic Solutions – There are a variety of webinars and interpretive guides on this page

Integrated Urinalysis Panel - The Integrated Urinalysis Panel is a laboratory test that shows how a person’s system is fighting to respond, to adapt, and to manage their greatest predisposition towards the physical, emotional, and nutritional stresses that are directly or indirectly responsible for their health conditions.

Organic Acids Test – OAT/Great Plains Laboratory this is my preferred OAT test in most situations as it checks oxalate levels which are often problematic in chronic health scenarios.   The other OAT related test that can be helpful are the ones from Genova – ION or NutrEval or Organix

DUTCH – This is a dried urine hormone test.  It also has some similar markers as an OAT however more focused on hormone

Drug-Induced Nutrient Deficiencies – Many prescription medications can deplete nutrients in our body.  This quick-reference guide can help you start a conversation with your provider to ensure you achieve the best health possible! 

Take The First Step Today On Your Journey Back To Health

Do you have questions after reading or viewing some of these resources? We are starting a MeWe group dedicated to those seeking to connect with others on this journey to restored health from natural healing perspectives. You can find the group here or click on the image below:

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