Favorite Products

With so many choices I thought I would share some of the products and companies that I use on a regular basis.

Educational Resources

Learning new things and especially learning something deeper is fascinating to me. We have a great advantage today with access to a vast collection of knowledge.  

Tapping into it can sometimes be overwhelming.

Where do we turn to first?   Below you will find some of my favorite avenues for digging deeper... 

Note many of these links are affiliate links where I may receive a small commission if you purchase through the links.  It does NOT increase your price and in some situations gives you a discount. 



O2Ring Oximeter

Continuous Ring Oxygen

  • Sleep with Peace of Mind
  • Medical-grade Oxygen Monitor Vibrates Silently When Low Oxygen Levels or Abnormal Heart Rates are Detected.
  • Doesn't track your location like other similar devices!
  • Can connect to PC/Mac via USB port

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They are making healthy living easy and affordable for everyone. They offer a WIDE selection of grocery and personal products at great prices!  Free shipping on orders over $49 and frequent bonus deals!

I've been shopping at Jade Bloom for many years now and love them. Their transparency and accessibility to the testing behind their oils is second to none. Add on their great prices and I am certain Jade Bloom will be your favorite essential oil resource as well 🙂  Oh, they also have a FREE online "essential oil university"!

Another great resource for high quality foods at remarkable prices!  They also offer a very wide range of fresh and frozen foods.  Again, have been using them for YEARS!  Customer service is great and love their huge selection!

Online Dosha Quiz | Discover Your Ayurvedic Body Type Find Balance and Learn Your Ayurvedic Body Type Ayurveda is a rich, ancient, and living science that allows for an awakening into greater harmony and balance. This online test will guide you through a process of self-discovery, inquiry, and honest reflection through the lens of Ayurveda. Your completed Ayurvedic Profile will equip you with customized resources for you to refer back to anytime, and personalized recommendations to support your health—body, mind, and spirit.

Take The First Step Today On Your Journey Back To Health

Do you have questions after reading or viewing some of these resources? We are starting a MeWe group dedicated to those seeking to connect with others on this journey to restored health from natural healing perspectives. You can find the group here or click on the image below: 


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