Functional Health Services

The journey to wellness begins with an in-depth look at your health history as we become health detectives!

From there we chart out a course, unique to you, as we identify opportunites to restore balance through food, activity and lifestyle changes.

Phase 1 – Gaining Clarity

Our number one goal is to help you get crystal clear on where you are in your health journey and where you want to be.   This is why we help you to kickstart that process with our complimentary Functional Health Score and Discovery Consult.  Together they allow you and I to see if we can help you identify the missing pieces of your health.


Get Your Free Functional Health Score

It all begins with a general snapshot of looking at your health from a functional perspective.   This brief set of questions helps to give you an idea of where your health is from a functional perspective.  The LOWER the score the BETTER!    Note – we do NOT save your answers and they are completely anonymous 🙂 


Discovery Consult

Coupled with the functional score we will spend 45 minutes on a complimentary call to review the current state of your health and ideas to help get you moving forward. 

Phase 2 – Digging Deeper

Once you have decided to take the next steps to reclaim your health we will begin the core of what we do:

Investigate Your Health!


History & Information Gathering

The next step to transforming health is the indepth history gathering process.  We will look at a wide array of factors which play a role in health.  I promise that no one has ever delved this deep into your health background as I will. 


Initial Consultation

From this day forward, your health journey will change from chasing symptoms to supporting your innate healing systems. We go over, in depth, what your program will consist of and which lab testing, supplements, nutritional recommendations, and lifestyle changes will best align with your health goals.


Lab Testing

Targeted testing allows us to delve into the root causes of your adverse health when food, lifestyle and activity changes have left you still searching for restored vitality. The main areas we always look at are:

  • detoxification
  • digestion
  • hormone pathways

Of course, the specific testing will be dependent on your unique history.  We take a minimalist approach while sticking to our philosophy of ‘test, don’t guess’.

Phase 3 – Putting the pieces together

Up to this point most of the efforts are focused on information gathering and discerning what that data is telling us.  The next steps are where the ‘action’ is.  We will delve into food, activity and lifestyle changes that assist in tapping into your body’s innate healing system.  This is where we start to put the puzzle pieces of your health together to transform your health!


Nutrition Consultation

With the information from your initial assessment and health history, a customized meal plan and nutritional supplement program will be discussed with you. This will help ensure your body is getting the right nutrients to aid in your recovery and healing.



This happens after we receive your lab results. We streamline your program incorporating the necessary changes to your food plans and supplement recommendations based on the lab test results. All recommendations are personalized to each client and work to optimize your body’s innate healing capabilities.


Activity Consultation

Activity is another area which impacts your health journey. Based on your health history and initial assessment, we will work with you to come up with an ideal activity program for you. One that you can do on your own, without having to invest in any extra equipment. The most important part of this is that it is designed based on how it pertains to promoting health and vitality in relation to your unique needs.


Lifestyle Consultation

In addition to a food plan, we will work together to create a holistic lifestyle plan that will fit into your life while supporting a state of rejuvenation in your body. Lifestyle education is one of the most important factors in the long term success of your program.



Functional Health and Wellness is based on getting to the root of the problem by removing the triggers which derailed your health and strengthening your immune system to prevent it from happening again. At the end of the day, it is based in evidence and as they say, numbers don’t lie. Retesting allows us to make sure we’re doing what we promised and seeing to it that your health is truly restored.

Phase 4 – Enjoying the creation of health!

Live a life full of joy and vitality!

Take The First Step Today On Your Journey Back To Health

Have some questions you’d like to ask us? Our client coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to see whether or not The Functional Perspective is right for you.