Chronic illness is rising at alarming rates.  Over 50% of our children have a chronic illness and almost half of those have more than one illness.   It is time to become empowered to take back your child's health.   This is the purpose of this summit - to equip and empower you!

We Are Bringing Together 25 Health Professionals, Researchers, Community Activists, and Thought Leaders from Around the World to Share Their
Most Strategic Secrets and Resources to
Empower Parents of Children with Chronic Illness

This Summit is for you if you're finally ready to:

Be bold to look beyond a diagnosis and ask the question - Why?

Become a Health Detective courageously seeking Truth even when it is "outside the box" of medical, educational, governmental norms

Recognize child as a Whole Being and a Blessing- Body/Mind/Heart/Soul

Learn and apply strategies to heal your child using natural diet and lifestyle interventions

Become part of a Like Minded community of Heart Based Parents who are in search of root cause solutions to Heal Their Child

Host: Dr. Michelle Gamble, DN

It Takes A Village Ministry, Inc 

Watch this powerful documentary of a mother who lost her child due to the side effects of the prescription medication - Adderall.  Learn how her loss has propelled her to empower parents through bringing awareness of not just the dangers to the medication, but practical, natural solutions to heal your child.

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