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At The Functional Perspective, we are all about root cause resolution… digging deep into what causes your dis-ease. Start your journey to health today with our unique functional health and lifestyle wellness program.

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Restoring Your Child’s Health Naturally

Why The Functional Perspective?

Too often, people think of “wellness” as something temporary, or worse, unobtainable. Their work with doctors ends up taking short-term steps to improve their life… and “wellness”… but often fall back to their less healthy routines once they are left to fend for themselves and rely on symptom management protocols designed for the masses. After seeing this happen with her own son, Salena Rothenberger, D.PSc, CHC, CFMP wanted to provide an opportunity which not only helped others to improve their gastrointestinal health, autoimmune disease, and overall wellness, but also give them the tools to continue their progress “infinitely”, long after they completed their program.

What Makes Us Different Than Other Health Clinics?

The Functional Perspective was founded with the mindset of revolutionizing the approach to resolving chonic health issues such as: auto-immune diseases, gastrointestinal disorders and hormone imbalances.

Our Unique Approach to Improving Your Gut Health in Nacogdoches, Texas

The Functional Perspective uses a systems restoration model to empower clients through education that explores the answers to the question “Why?”  We delve into more than symptoms, critically examining digestion, hormones, lifestyle, relaxation and environmental exposures to customize a unique plan for you based on the five pillars of health: Rest, Nutrition, Activity, Stress Management and Digestion

Our Philosophy On Functional Medicine

Uncovering the reason why a disease manifests or why symptoms are present is the core concept and foundation of The Functional Perspective. Learn how, and why, we feel it is so important.

Health Tips

Combating Autoimmunity Naturally

Combating Autoimmunity Naturally Are you ready to reach your optimal health? Do you want to regain your vitality?  Have you been begging for your issues to be truly heard? What is stopping you from getting the help you deserve? According to The American Autoimmune...

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The Dangers of Candida

The Dangers of Candida Did you know that ancient Romans discovered yeast without knowing it? In fact, they learned that dough left in the sun can be "revived" after adding the sugar! Did you know yeast has been used for the process of making beer and wine thousands of...

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Building a Healthy Microbiome

We are so excited to bring our Start Smart series to the Nacogdoches Public Library! This will be a fun event to explore the "good bugs" and "bad bugs" with kids.   Gut health and the microbiome are complicated things to understand but we will be reading a fun...

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Essential Oils 101

Essential Oils - 101 Did you know essential oils have been healing people of all cultures around the world for centuries? Did you know 5,000 pounds of rose petals are required to distill 1 pound of pure rose oil, making it one of the most precious and expensive oils...

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Heal Your Child Summit – 2018

I am super excited to be able to share the following information with you!  Our children are now sicker than we are - over 50% of the children in the United States has a chronic illness and over 45% of those have multiple illnesses!  This MUST stop! In order for that...

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