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Thermography Protocols

Protocols for thermal imaging

Revision 1.4 - September 2022
Patient Preparation:
Thermal imaging is a heat sensitive test. Anything that creates heat should be avoided prior to testing.
Excessive metabolic activity, friction, or any of the activities listed below which will alter heat readings.

1 Month Prior:
● No minor breast surgery, i.e. biopsy
● We may still perform testing after biopsy. Write this in your intake form.

● Individuals MUST wait a minimum of 4-6 weeks post CoolSculpting procedures BEFORE having
thermal imaging.

1 Week Prior:
● Be cautious of too much sun exposure in order to avoid sunburn.
● Scans will have to be rescheduled if the patient has a sunburn of any sort.

48 Hours Prior:
● For best results, men should shave facial hair and excessive back hair.
● Avoid all tanning and limit sun exposure.

24 Hours Prior:
● Avoid chiropractic care, massage therapy, or acupuncture.
● No saunas, steam baths, hot tubs, heating pads, or hot water bottles.
● No analgesic creams or balms.
● Do not shave underarms (should be done prior).
● Please reschedule if you are feeling feverish or ill in any way.
● Refrain from sexual activity.

Day of Exam:
● Do not use creams, lotions, cosmetics, ointments, deodorant, antiperspirants, powders or any
other skin product.

● Please bring a hair tie to remove hair from your forehead and back of neck.
● Remove all piercings and jewelry prior to exam, unless unable to.

4 hours prior:
● Women - do not wear a bra for the 4 hours leading up to the exam
● Avoid hot showers or shaving
● Avoid physical therapy or exercise
● No coffee, tea, soda, or other beverages containing caffeine. No alcoholic beverages

● Do not smoke cigarettes or use any product which contains nicotine
● Do not use a seat warmer

2 hours prior:
● Avoid hot or cold liquids
● Avoid eating or chewing gum
● Avoid using a cell phone to ear. You can still text, use the speaker, and GPS
● Do not use a smart watch.

Prior to and During Exam:
● Please inform us if you have a hot flash during the session
● Try to relax prior to and during the exam. Stress will affect your exam

Paying it Forward - Breast Screening Program

The United Breast Cancer Foundation program offers  grants to individuals (both men and women) for the opportunity of getting a low to no-cost breast screening of their choice. 

We donate a portion of every thermography screening to UBCF

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