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What is thermography?

Medical thermography is imaging that is able to assess the skin surface temperatures on the whole body. The results are used by physicians to correlate with abnormal physiology.

There are three main types of medical devices used for medical thermography. These include: contact sensors, infrared cameras, and point analysis systems. Infrared thermal cameras are the most advanced systems and the type that is used by technicians with The Functional Perspective.

How does infrared imaging work?

The body emits infrared electromagnetic energy which the cameras measure and then appoint a color for the temperature reading. There are multiple palettes available from inverse grey scale to the most common full-spectrum rainbow (ROYGBIV). Hot and cold temperatures are shown along with the variations in the scale with hot showing as either red or white and cold as violet or black. The digital images are then analyzed by physicians and physiological assessments made.

Why is Thermography a good option?

Medical thermography is a safe, adjunctive screening method that is best used when screening for prevention. While it is a screening tool for possible cancer detection, being able to learn there are abnormal heat patterns developing can give you early warning that the body is dealing with an inflammatory response giving you opportunity to take action prior to detectable anatomical changes.  Toxins and excessive hormones create increased heat, monitoring these patterns is a pro-active way to promote wellness!

  • No contact, No radiation, No Compression!  For those who are concerned with the effects of radiation or the 


  • Ideal testing for women under 40 who have no other routine screening tool for breast health abnormalities


  • Non-invasive for Adults & Children!


  • Personalized results with rainbow and grayscale images


  • Priceless information about things already happening inside your body


  • Peace of Mind that you are empowered to make better health decisions 

Possible Early Signs and Screening of:

  • Cancer
  • Inflammation
  • Toxins
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Nerve damage
  • Lack of circulation
  • Back pain
  • Circulation
  • Arthritis
  • Vein thromboses
  • Cardiovascular screening
  • Nerve pathology

Book Appointment

In just a few simple steps you can have the information you need to be better informed about how your body is working.  Choose a time that is convenient for you and follow the pre-scan protocol.   Book Here

Thermography scan

On the day of your appointment your thermography technician will capture your images.  You will then book a time to speak with an interpreting thermologist.  Expect your actual scan to take 25-30 minutes for breast & 35-40 for full body

Get Results

You will get your results in about 10-14 days! The report will have personalized recommendations specific to you that you can review with your doctor and medical thermographer. Become empowered for better health!

Ready to get started taking back your health?

Book a complimentary strategy call today to see if thermography is a good fit for your health goals!

There are a variety of options from a simple breast and lymph screening to a full body screening. Choose the option that fits your needs and health goals!  Have questions?  Book a call to discuss what may be best for you or give us a call at: 936-463-0272

Breast & Lymph Screening

With breast cancer as a top cause of death in women and with no agreed upon screening for women under 40, thermography allows women (and men) to be empowered with knowledge they need about the physiology behind their symptoms.  Includes 6 images in rainbow and inverse grey-scale

Upper Body Health Screening

For those looking to learn about the connection of cerbrovascular(blood vessels in the brain), breast, thyroid, abdomen, and back health including vascular patterns.   18 images included in the screening, both rainbow and inverse grey-scale

Whole Body Health

This screening looks at the entire body and includes 29 images in both rainbow and inverse grey-scale. 

Thermography Pre-scan Protocols

It is very important that you follow these steps leading up to your scan. You can view and download the instructions by clicking on the button below.

Paying it Forward - Breast Screening Program

The United Breast Cancer Foundation program offers  grants to individuals (both men and women) for the opportunity of getting a low to no-cost breast screening of their choice. 

We donate a portion of every thermography screening to UBCF

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