Detox 101


Hi there. I thought it would go over a real quick tutorial here on the transsulfuration pathway in the detox pathways. Let's just look here real quick. We have the folate, methionine, and transsulfuration pathway. This is these three connected together. There's a lot of other ones that connect here, but here you see, you have the MTHFR down at the bottom. That's the big one. We hear MTHFR all the time and detox methylation and this is how it's connected. So it goes around the MTR, here in the B12 cycle, makes that up here in the methionine cycle and we get to SAMe then it comes around eventually to homocysteine. Homocysteine can either keep going around in this cycle and keep this cycle spinning or it can go down here through our CBS gene and get down to our detoxing cycle, the transsulfuration, that is where we have the glutathione.

So let's look a little bit closer here at the glutathione. And right up here that homocysteine comes in and we've got all of these co-factors that it needs for this system to work. Like B6, a lot of B6, zinc, iron, ATP, magnesium. We've got selenium over here. This comes all the way down. We see cysteine here kind of goes off over here. This other side to the left. You're gonna have your sulfates and sulfites. It's going to go process through those and go out through the urine. And we also come down here to the glutathione recycling and that's where we start getting rid of the toxins. So we need all these things working together because if we have a lot of glutathione and the glutathione is not recyclying it is going to have negative feedback.

So it is going to have an off/on switch. It's going to have signals saying, Hey, we have too much. We don't need any more. Then it's going to shift things to another pathway. That's why it's really important when we are looking at supplementing for whether it's for the methylation cycle, whether it's for neuro-transmitters, for detox, we really look at the big picture and look at the co-factors that are involved before we start. Just giving glutathione or giving whatever it happens to be giving, melatonin for examples in our neurotransmitters, we need to look and make sure that,that we know "why is the toilet clogged up" to begin with. Because if we just keep adding more things to it and don't unclog it first. It's going to create a big mess. Especially when we are talking about detoxing because that's where we can start having the toxins redistribute.

We've got several different phases in our liver, the detox, the stages in that. And so things can get stuck. They basically get kind of broken apart and then they are very, very toxin toxic in this middle stage. We've got to get them all the way through that detox process. And it's that, last part there in our liver. Where the glutathione is taking things out. So we really need that part of our liver phase, working. So basically whenever you're looking at detoxing, whenever you're looking at supporting methylation, supporting those kinds of things, make sure you are looking at the co-factors. These are charts that I really like from Ben Lynch. His pathway planners and I think the prices have come down a lot on these now. They are really, really handy to have, whether you're a practitioner or whether you're not, where you are a person who is really after taking charge of your health.

These are some great, great resources to have when you look at these, we can see here in the green are co-factors. And that means this is things that our body needs for those pathways to work. So if we are deficient here in magnesium or ATP, that's what we can't get to that glutathione recycling process. If we are deficient in B six, we're going to have a lot more difficulty even getting this whole system to work to begin with a magnesium and we're going to need zinc, magnesium, selenium, molybdenum, copper. All of these different, nutrients that we hear about. All these micronutrients that we hear about are vitamins and minerals. This is why they are so important. This is what keeps these cycles running. This is the fuel that our genes need for these different pathways and for these enzymes to work.

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