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Learning new things and especially learning something deeper is fascinating to me. We have a great advantage today with access to a vast collection of knowledge.  Tapping into it can sometimes be overwhelming. Where do we turn to first? Below you will find some of my favorite avenues for digging deeper... This first video is the one I watched non-stop when my son was hospitalized for DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis).  

Be sure to also check out our Video Archives where a variety of topics are covered such as:

Genetics, MTHFR, Digestive Challenges, Autism, Women’s Hormones and more.
Click on any of the Underlined Topics below to go to that site for more information. Note some of these are affiliate links and may give you a discount while I may receive a small portion of the price you pay.


I am a bookaholic and love to read!  Here is a selection of some of my favorite books that have information to help dig down to the underlying physiology and root cause


Genetics & Epigenetics

Find the hidden gems to why we have failed to resolve our health.  Below you will find resources that are primarily for practitioners however open to anyone who wants to learn



We are amazingly and intricately created! There are many facets that leads to self-tissue destruction.  These sources are in-depth, practitioner based however, open to anyone


Brain Health

Many are unaware of how closely related our brain health is with our overall wellness.  Below you will find some of my favorite resources for optimizing brain health.



It is one thing to get a test and another to know what the results mean.  Then we have to factor in the patterns involved with results.  Below are some of the common Functional Labs



One of my favorite pastimes is digging through the research!  Here are a few of my favorite places as well as a published poster for IFM AIC2020 by Tara Scott, MD and I


Books by Stephen Buhner

Stephen Harrod Buhner has a great series of books which delve into lyme, co-infections and mold along with the cytokine cascade involved in these infections. The books are geared more towards practitioners or those who wish to delve deep into the biochemisty, physiology, etc. However excellent books for anyone who wants to know more about these difficult health challenges.

He also has great books about herbal antibiotics and herbal antivirals.

Books by Howard Loomis

In most scenarios we just need to go back to the very basics of life and how our food was made for vitality. Dr. Howard Loomis does an amazing job of providing practical information to propel us on our journey to restored health and longevity. Some of my favorites are: What is Your Nutritional Deficiency? and The Enzyme Advantage for Women

Neuro Health Books

Our brain health is a vital component to our health and well-being.  When we overlook rebalancing our brains, we leave out a missing piece to regaining health.  These two books are my favorite resources in supporting our brains.

Genomics & Biochemisty

This first resource is loaded with information surrounding breast cancer and taking a genetic, preventative approach.  This is a poster I did with Tara Scott, MD, FACOG, CNMP, ABAARM, ABOIHM for the 2020 IFM Advancements in Clinical Research and Innovative Practices in Functional Medicine. 

For those who are new to the nutrigenomic concept, I highly recommend the book by Dr. Ben Lynch, Dirty Genes. It is a great overview of how our genes and our experiences/environment affect one another and that jumping to taking a pill for a SNP is not a good first approach. These other books are great additions to the foundational concepts of nutrigenomics and can help you gain a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms and physiology involved in your health challenges.

Nutrient Power is a fabulous book which weaves genomics, biochemistry, and nutrition in an easy to understand format while delving deep into gene expression with practical approaches to correcting imbalances pertaining to brain related health. A must read for any one who is, or has a child who is, navigating imbalances in neurotransmitters with symptoms such as seen in Autism, ADHD, PANS/PANDAS, Depression, or Schizophrenia. is an excellent resource that has the references to studies, biochemical pathways, and just about anything you could want when trying to understand our genes.  Note it is very 'scientific' so may be a overwhelming for some, for others it is an incredible place to geek out :) 


Autoimmune Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications is a course designed for practitioners that has practical information to help one dig into the details of a case and put the clues together to formulate a strategy to restore balance.

Cogence Immunology is another free resource loaded with practical, in-depth information. Please note I do not subscribe to their position on vaccines.  Other than that, the information is incredible!

Basic Immunology is a college type textbook however has incredible amount of information for those who like to geek out on immunology 🙂

Brain Health Resources

Neuroinflammation and Gastointestinal Clinical Strategies are in-depth courses from Dr. Datis Kharrazian that are filled with crucial information for addressing imbalances in the brain and gut. His book is also fabulous!


Many prescription medications can deplete nutrients from our body. This quick-reference guide can help you start a conversation with your provider to ensure you achieve the best health possible!  Some of my favorite labs for uncovering underlying deficiencies or imbalances include the following:

Quick overview of how to understand a 


Note on hormone testing there are times when blood or saliva may be more appropriate.

Stool Testing

  • GI Map/Diagnostic Solutions – There are a variety of webinars and interpretive guides on their lab test page
  • GI Effects/Genova - Again, they have several resources on their page. I do prefer the GI Map over the Genova test

Micronutrient Testing

  • NutrEval or ION-40/Genova - Both of these provide in-depth nutrient analysis.  Noting the NutrEval does have a better test for fatty acids. These are urine and blood tests and can be incredibly valuable when trying to identify where the body is deficient 

24-hour Integrated Urinalysis Panel - The Integrated Urinalysis Panel is a laboratory test that shows how a person’s system is fighting to respond, to adapt, and to manage their greatest predisposition towards the physical, emotional, and nutritional stresses that are directly or indirectly responsible for their health conditions.

Organic Acids Test – OAT

  • Great Plains Laboratory is my preferred OAT test in most situations as it checks oxalate levels which are often problematic in chronic health scenarios. However, Genova released an oxalate version in their OAT spring of 2021.  There is an OAT in the Genova – ION or NutrEval or Organix

Hormone Testing

  • DUTCH – This is a dried urine hormone test. It also has some similar markers as an OAT however more focused on hormone
  • There are situations where blood or saliva is a better test and strongly encourage working with a provider who understands when, where and why to use each test.  This is something Dr. Tara Scott covers in the courses she teaches to practitioners as well as the 'public'.


Some of my favorite places to find research.  Click on the image or title to visit each site.

A library of random studies in humans. There are seven databases in the library. Semi-open access. Their goal is to be completely open-access by 2020. This is a new resource for me so I don't have a lot of info on it other than their mission is to provide access to randomized studies without bias as to the outcome of those studies.

An open-access database - no need to have a membership to read the submitted research findings. It welcomes negative findings which are often rejected in popular publications - basically, it doesn't have a bias as to whether to include the research. There are criteria that do need to be met but without the ties to companies that would pose a conflict of interest. I just came across this site and still have much to explore there but wanted to list it since much of the research that has been done is never published in the mainstream publications.

This source used to be my first stop when looking up research papers. There are various search options as well as ways to refine once you find a result that pertains to your particular situation. Feel free to ask any questions you have regarding navigating the site - or I am ALWAYS interested in conversing about what you find!

This source is where I will delve into connecting the dots. I will warn you it’s got a plethora of diagrams, well it’s pretty much mostly diagrams. This is my dessert and one of my absolute favorite sites! I am always willing to help others navigate through or help guide on putting pieces together with the information here. Again, just give me a hollar if you need any help or if you are wanting someone to bounce thoughts on I am always open to listen to others discoveries!

This source has the honors of being one of the initial sources to start my journey into natural healing and looking outside the box. This too has a wealth of information. Some practical options for supporting better health and especially concerning some health challenges that are usually considered impossible to improve.

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