Vitamin D Therapy

'Vitamin D' is technically a steroid hormone and it is not a supplemental form that we are deficient in.   Below is a summary of the closest way to mimic what we get from the sun which turns into vitamin D in our bodies. 

Educational Resources

Learning new things and especially learning something deeper is fascinating to me. We have a great advantage today with access to a vast collection of knowledge.  

Tapping into it can sometimes be overwhelming.

Where do we turn to first?   Below you will find some of my favorite avenues for digging deeper... 

Here is a link to the video by Dr. Anthony Beck which goes into details on how to set up your own vitamin D light therapy in your home.  Below are links to the 'tools' you will need

Vitamin D Light Therapy

You will need the following:

  • Light stand
  • Light Box (Note you will NOT use the white  cover)
  • 4 Exo Terra 200UVB 26 watt bulbs - it needs to be these specific bulbs

Buttons below will take you to Amazon where they are available for purchase

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