Introduction to Your Immune Response

It is a long weekend which means a bit slow in the office and I have a little extra time to delve into some of my favorite resources for learning.  As I was going through an Autoimmune and Oral Tolerance module it hit me how little the basics are shared among the health community.  For some reason, these things are taught then everyone moves on to the more "complex" topics.  However, it is the foundation that determines the outcome and whether an illness is resolved or turns into a chronic health situation.

So today I decided I would share some of the key foundational concepts which one must understand as they chart out their course to restoring health and vitality.  It starts with how our body responds to something foreign, an antigen.  Different cells have different jobs from a "security guard" to "reinforcements" to "special forces" to "calling off the troops".  Here is a short video that illustrates and explains that vital component of health.  Help me spread the word of these key foundations by sharing with your friends and family so we can all become empowered to take charge of our health!

Be sure to share with your friends and family and join me as I redefine healthCARE with clarity, action steps, resources, and empowerment.