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Mouth watering…

Today’s “Daily Prompt” theme ‘copycat‘ couldn’t be more appropriate!  One of the most common things we do when we decide to change our lifestyle whether in regards to diet, activities, sports, etc., is we try to find a replacement like the one we are no longer going to practice, eat and so on.  This seems to happen a lot when it comes to our diet.

For instance, we know sugar is unhealthy for us but we reeaallllyyyyy want those chocolate brownies, ice cream and cake…and candy! I will admit I still look for these ‘healthy copycat’ recipes. Most of the time I am hugely disappointed as they just swap bad ingredients for more bad ingredients and my hopes of having something that resembles food from my past are tossed out the window.

WELL!  Today that has changed!  I haven’t tried this one yet but the ingredient list looks extremely promising and can’t wait to make them.  Look at them – do they look yummy or what?!?  🙂  FINALLY a copycat version I can add to my recipe collection!


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